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"A grudge as old as mankind.

Three travelers entwined by fate.

This road, once traveled, can never be undone.

Between damnation and salvation,

you find the truth hidden by god,

Nigh Heaven & Hell." 


SO!!! I've got some big news that I can't talk about yet, but it's a 2 book deal I'll be working on for a publisher until early 2024. 

So there's some good news/bad news. Bad news, all my webcomic updates will be slowing down significantly during this time period. Good news, I'll still be working on them and you can expect consistent updates! So here's a breakdown of the schedule:

Thank you so much for your continued support!!


Warning, this Comic Contains: Gore, Non Sexual Nudity

  About The Author

My name's Crystal Jayme (aka Scotty) and I love comics!  If I'm not making comics, I'm either reading them or talking about them.  It's a sick cycle of nothing but comics!

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