About The Comic

"A grudge as old as mankind.

Three travelers entwined by fate.

This road, once traveled, can never be undone.

Between damnation and salvation,

you find the truth hidden by god,

Nigh Heaven & Hell." 

Updates Every: Tuesday/Thursday

Medieval/Fantasy/Comedy/Action/LBGTQ (But not until later in the series)

Warning, this Comic Contains: Gore, Non Sexual Nudity

Nigh Heaven & Hell is a comic I've been trying to work on since I was a tween! It's gone through quite a few attempts over the years, which you can read HERE and HERE! They're old but have helped shape the comic to what it is today! I hope you all enjoy my medieval fantasy! I can't wait to show you all what I've had in store all these years XD

  About The Author

My name's Crystal Jayme (aka Scotty) and I love comics!  If I'm not making comics, I'm either reading them or talking about them.  It's a sick cycle of nothing but comics!

Check out my other two comics also on Hiveworks: Hazy London & Freakshow

Email: Scottystudios@yahoo.com

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Nigh Heaven & Hell Playlist

10 years: Tightrope, Dragonfaith, The Autumn Effect Album,Silhouette of a life,  Running in place, Drug of Choice, Picture Perfect, When will you breath

Lacuna Coil: Purify, Hyperfast, What I see, Angels PunishmentSelf Deception, Daylight dancer, Humane, Unspoken, Within me, The prophet said,

A Perfect Circle: The hollow, 3 Libras, 13 Minutes, Orestes, Gravity, Sleeping beauty,

Tool: The Patient, The Grudge, Right in two, Lateralus, H, Reflection, Useful idiot, intension, Pushit, Prison Sex, Stink Fist,

Incubus: Aqueous Transmission, Nice to know you, Echo, Sick sad little world, Just a Phase, Are you in, Stellar,

Copper: By now, Turn, Broken sky, Got it all wrongTear inside, Need, Inside and out

 Jinn: Raion, Kaidoku Funou, Back-On: New WorldHikari Sasuhou, Strike Back, Flower, Nujabes:Hikari, Luv (Sic),  Utada Hikaru: Sakura Nagashi, Beautiful World, Perfume: Plastic smile, The best thing

 Stained: For you, It's been awhile, Fray, Price to play, Breaking Benjamin: Skin, Polyamorous, Simple Design, Evenescence: Lies,Going Under Immortal, My last breath, Nightwish: Nemo, Higher than Hope,  Ghost Love score, Dead gardensThe siren

28 Days Later Ost: East Hastings & Main Ost, Artemis: Fountain of life, Hypno, Silent Hill: You're not hereresting comfortably,Ordinary Vanity reflections, end of small sanctuary, A world of madness, A stray child, Two evils, Main theme, The reverse will,

 Trading Yesterday-ShatteredChevelle-The Red, Future leaders of the world-Let me out, Skillet-Rebirthing, P.O.D-Goodbye for now, Fightstar-Mono, 30 Seconds to Mars: From yesterday, Kings & Queens, AudioSlave-Revelations, Rise against-Like the angel

Flyleaf-Missing, Halcali-Longkiss Goodbye,  Cash Cash-Overtime, Porter Robinson-Flicker, Madeon-Ok, Tycho-Dye,

The Wonder Years: We were giantsBout to get fruit punched, homie, Future Crooks- Armadas of icebergs,  Harry Takayama, FalloutBoy-Carpal tunnel of love,